The advantage and disadvantage of mobile crushing plant


The mobile crushing plant is easy to be fixed, when it arrive the working spot, it can be put into use. It is very convenient for the customer. And the generator can power whole plant, it is much better for the powerless place.

But the mobile crushing plant is long and heavy, it is difficult to ship. It can not be put into container, and we need the bulk cargo to deliver it. The freight cost is much high.

Another problem is feeding the material to the crushers. If the loader or dumper can not feed enough material to the hopper, the capacity of the portable crushing plant will be decreased.

Q Can jaw crusher break ferric oxide?
A No, it can crush many kinds of minerals, such as iron ores.
Q What's the capacity of jaw crusher?
A The maximum capacity can reach to 800t/h.
Q  How long the jaw plant can be used?
A According to different materials, limestone for example, one set of jaw plates can be used for 12-15 months.
Q Which one is better for Jaw crusher shell, welding or cast(carbon) steel?
A Welding is better. The casting types always have bubbles in the process of cast, which can cause the damage of frame.
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