Q What is the maximum output of high pressure suspension mill in desulfurization project?
A In the desulfurization project, the maximum output with fineness 45µm is 6-10t/h.
Q How long the wearing parts can be sued in processing limestone and desulfurization?
A The wearing parts can be used for 10-15 months according to the customer survey.
Q Have you exported high pressure suspension mill to Vietnam? Are there working sites?
A Yes, we can provide contact details if our customers need.
Q What kind of feeder machine do you produce?
A We produce GZD feeder machine.
Q What's the difference between barrier feeder machine and flat feeder machine?
A Barrier feeder can be pre-stresses the material waste in the soil and filter out impurities, or pre-finished materials meet the specifications of the part of the screening out of material. Flat feeder machine is no filtering.
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