Q What's the difference between JCE jaw crusher and jaw crusher?
A JCE series jaw crusher is stabler than traditional jaw crusher. It adopts deep 'V' cavity structure, which increases the capacity. It is easy to adjust the discharge mouth.
Q How to adjust discharge mouth of JCE jaw crusher?
A JCE jaw crusher adopts the wedge block to adjust the discharge mouth.
Q Can JCE jaw crusher pulverize wood?
A JCE jaw crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, construction, chemical industry, flame-proof material, etc. This machine is mainly used to process minerals, but not wood, plastic, and agricultural products.
Q Is the bearing seat of JCE jaw crusher adopted casting steel?
A The whole casting steel bearing seat of JCE jaw crusher is perfect fitting with the crusher frame body. At the same time, it can increase the radial direction intensity of bearing seat.
Q What's the max capacity of JCE604 jaw crusher when crushing limestone?
A The max capacity can reach to 70t/h.
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