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PCL and VSI sand making machine

1 The common of PCL sand making machine and VSI sand making machine

First, either of them can be used for sand-making and sand-reshaping.

Second, the goods produced by them all have good shape.

Third, with excellent categories, sand produced by all of them can meet the national standard requirements

2 The difference between PCL sand making machine and VSI sand making machine

First, Lubrication system is different

With a dry oil lubrication system, the cooling function of PCL sand making machine is poor, which reduce the life of main bearing and increase the operating costs.

Compared with PCL seriesVSI sand making machine use light oil lubrication system. It can release heat effectively which will prolong the life of the main bearing; Light oil system makes it possible to reduce bearing friction and improve the bearing speed, greatly improving work efficiency. 

Second There are differences in the production process.

With profile welding technology, the production materials of PCL sand making machine are simple which makes the structural strength poor.

By contrast, VSI uses a hot rivet steel bending process, which enhances the structural strength and toughness of equipment to ensure the smooth operation of equipment .What’s more, the body looks more environmentally friendly.

Third, the capacity type is variant.

PCL sand making machine uses a shallow cavity rotor, which lower the ability to handle materials, so the output is low. While VSI sandmaking machine use deep cavity rotor, the ability of handling materials can be improved by 30% or more.

3 The unique features of VSI sand making machine.

First, PCL itself has no open cover agency, it is a waste of time and effort to maintain, While VSI save more time and operation cost with automatic overhaul open cover institutions.

Second, PCL sand making machine itself no bulk material cone device, working principle is the simple use "stone dozen stone" principle of sand function complete mechanism. While equipped with bulk material cone device, VSI sand making machine can make sand and reshape sand according to the need of user, by adjusting sand proportion of materials, it can simply achieve stone plastic and system function, achieving multi-usage effect.

In conclusion, compared with PCL sand making machine, the technology of VSI sand-making machine is more advanced, more productive, environmental, energy efficient and long lasting, the maintenance cost is lower.