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Dust Removal of Shunky Stone Production Line

for Sustainable Development

According to the relative statistics, tons of dust is discharged by industrial sector each year, among which the stone production line has become one of the biggest dust pollutant sources in China, so the dust removal of stone production line has been emphasized more seriously. If it can’t be recognized appropriately, some negative effects will be bound to affect our environment. During these yeas, Shunky has been focusing on improving environmental protection performance of its crushing and screening equipments, and the configuration of its stone production line has always insisted on the direction of sustainable development. After years of efforts, Shunky’s technology of dust removal has received high acclaim from all the customers.

As for the dust removal of stone production line, Shunky adopts two methods including dry dust removing as well as wet dust removing. The wet dust removal method mainly removes dusts by spraying water, among which the moisturizing flue gas is often used. When it comes to vibrating screen and vibrating feeder, this method is often adopted. However, there is a constraint for the using of wet dust removal method. It is the water resource that makes some areas only have the single alternative. This is the so-called dry dust removal method, which is often used in the dust removing for vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and belt conveyor. Its principle is sealing up dust parts completely so as to prevent the diffusion of dust.

With respect to the dust removal of stone production line, Shunky will spare no efforts to improve its technology and make more contribution to the environment protection.