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Portable Crushing Screening Station Gallops on Opencast Coal Mine

Our country’s coal reserves are rich with one trillion tons of proven coal reserves which is third in the world. In 2008 our country is the biggest coal producing country with 27.16 million tons of coal production accounting for 39.4% of the global whole production. So far, coal is still the main energy in our country.

There are many opencast coal mines in some provinces, what have rich reserves, close distance with the surface. So we can separate the earth directly from the ores and dig the mineral from the surface to underground. Comparing with underground coal mining it has many obvious advantages: easy to dig mine, convenient to use large mining machinery, high efficiency, low cost. Due to the above reasons, it is very important for the reasonable and high-efficiency development of domestic mine resources to improve the capacity of opencast coal mine and renovate the technology.

As the leader of China's mining machinery industry, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., LTD strengthens the research of new technology, new craftsmanship and new equipment. Pointing at the characters of opencast coal mine, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., LTD developed portable crushing screening station adopting advanced technology, which has high performance, high stability and good appearance. It can satisfy the demand of customers with the global advanced standard. Portable crushing screening station is composed of various crushers, vibrating screen, conveyor, motor, which can crush or screen first according to different requirements. Besides, according to the actual demand the station can be operated independently or constitute the system, which have much flexibility. Portable crushing screening station produced by Shanghai Shunky has gained the praise for its success in coal mining industry especially opencast coal mining. If you want more information, please go to official website:, hotline: 086-021-56760002.