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--- the factors which are influence on crushing equipments’ productivity

Question: what do the factors include?

Answer: there are many factors which are influence on crushing equipments’ productivity, including internal and external factors, internal factors are the functions and characteristics of

Itself. external factors are the characteristics of material.such as follows:

1, material of hardness. The more hard of the material the more difficult to be broken up, and the damage to equipmen is so serious. the crushing equipmengts’ productivity will reduce as the crushing speed of the crushing equipmengt reduces.

2, the humidity of materials, When the material contains more moisture, within easy adhesion material in crusher, also easy to next material transporting process jams, causing broken ability decrease.

After three, crushing the fineness of materials, high fineness requirement, which requires broken out of the fine, the material crushing ability and smaller. Material easily adhesion in crushing equipments. easy jam in discharging port.

4, material composition, before broken inside the crushing equipments if there are more many more powder, the easyer jam in discharging port.

5, material viscosity.the large material viscosity is,the more easily adhesion.

6, if the pieces of crushing equipment wear resistance,the crushing equipments’ productivity will strong