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Minig Resource Integration Makes the Way for the Configuration of Stone Production Line

In2007,the views of mining resource integration was issued by the State Council. 4 years have passed, the government has used a mix means of combineing administrative ,legal means with economic means. To integrate the resources and prompt the development of mining companies, all these means are making the mining industry gradually developed into a large mining groups as the main body, large and smallcoordinated development of a new pattern of mineral development. As far as I am concerned, with the development of economy,mining resources integration will have great influence on the adjustment of stone crushing plant during this period. Before the period of resource integration, the mining companies owned all sizes of stone crushing plant. The consequence of resources integration is the losing of small-sized stone crushing plant, large-sized stone crushing plant instead.
Stone crushing plant is widely used for crushing hard limestone, granite, basalt, gravel, metallurgic slag, etc. Or artificial sand making for hydroelectric power, building material, high way, city construction, etc. The whole production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, electric control, etc.The difference between small-sized stone crushing plant and the large one lies in the production per hour. For the large ones, they should be equipped with one large-sized machine or several small ones to reach the required high yield. Resources Integration promotes the production of the large-sized stone crushing plant, bringing new opportunity for mining machinery equipment manufacturers. It pushes manufacturers to produce enough products at full capacity for the large mining companies?resource exploitation. In addition, the manufacturer are encouraged to improve technology and produce larger stone crushing equipments creatively to meet the increasing demand. It is necessary to satisfy different customers?<28;?technological requirements and the place. Different models of machines are combined to meet different customers' different demands.