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Analysis of Welding Parts and Steel Castings

Crusher industry has developed rapidly recent years, and domestic enterprises have more and more business in international. Processing technic has become the focus of competition instead of raw material. At present, welding and cast are the most widely used processing technic.


Welding parts are of high quality, and it is not easy to be broken during use. Meanwhile, we can change the broken part of welding parts, while we must change the whole steel casting when some parts are broken. Besides, not only the appearance but also the life has improved greatly as the progress of welding technology.


Steel castings are often used of making parts of complex shape. Steel castings take advantages in price for its design of weight reduction and short delivery time. But castings have their disadvantages, such as bubbles, inaccurate angle positioning and so on, this may lead to machine body breakage.


Different parts should adopt different processing technic in the manufacturing process of crushers. Only in this way can we provide perfect machines for customers.