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Shunky JCE European Technology Jaw Crusher

Nowadays, JCE jaw crusher designed and produced by Shanghai Shunky has incontrovertibly become one of the most popular crushers in the world. Based on the traditional jaw crusher, Shunky JCE jaw crusher makes more improvements on many aspects to make up the disadvantages of traditional jaw crusher. Though traditional jaw crusher has already has many advantages, Shunky JCE jaw crusher seems to be a perfect crusher considering from any perspective.

Firstly, compared with the traditional jaw crusher, the most prominent improvement of Shunky JCE jaw crusher is that Shunky JCE jaw crusher absorbs the advanced European technology, such as the Finite element analysis technology; adoption of “V” structure of crusher chamber; adoption of tooth-shaped jaw plate and so on. All these advanced technology make Shunky JCE jaw crusher the crusher stronger and improve their working efficiency.

Secondly, the material of Shunky JCE jaw crusher is of world-class, and the appearance is more beautiful with smooth curve, delicate craftsmanship. Integral cast steel structure is adopted for bearing seat. More advanced movable jaw is used to lengthen the life of JCE jaw crusher.

Besides, compared with the traditional ones, Shunky JCE jaw crusher is especially for the constructions of highway, railway, airport runway, mining, building materials, silicate, metallurgy, chemical industries,etc when crushing hard and strong-abrasive materials while other crushers may not have the same crushing effect.