How to Make a Environmental Sand Making Plant?

As is known to all,the whole sand making plant consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making crusher, vibrating screen,sand washing machine, belt conveyor, electric control, etc. They are designed according to different customers' tastes.


However, with the strength of people's awareness of environmental protection, it puts forward higher requirements in the aspect of environmental protection in the sand making plant.

Currently, wet dust removal and dry dust removal are two popular methods. The wet dust removal is that in the course of crushed material’s transmission, spraying water to the surface of material to achieve the effect of dust removal. For example, in the south of China, where they use river gravel to make sand, the equipment in this sand making plant which bring more dust, such as the vibrating feeder and vibrating screen, will be equipped with the recycling pool or water spray, this method makes full use of the local resource easily and economically. However, this method will be impossible in the place lacking in water resource. Another one is dry dust removal, which means purchasing the professional dust removal to collect the dust or cover the sealed iron cap over the equipment. While it can achieve the environmental goal exactly, the cost is very high, which means being unrealistic to make profit in this sand making plant for the individual investors. In the water-deficient area, how to make a environmental sand making plant economically? Shunky designers have been committed to researching this kind of sand making plant. What we can do now is to cover a welded cap over the equipment except above two methods. This method is welding on the sealed cap in every equipment of sand making plant. Therefore, the corresponding investment costs will be reduced a lot.


In order to achieve the goal of customer's low-cost investment and high standards of national environmental protection requirements, Shanghai Shunky will continue to innovate to produce more environmentally advanced, low-cost crushing and screening equipment of sand making plant