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Mobile Crushing Plant Playing an Important Role in Construction Debris Disposal

Construction debris mainly refers to the waste produced in tearing down the old building or in the process of building. The main components of the construction debris are: soil, scrap steel, iron wire and all kinds of scrap steel parts, mortar concrete, sand and gravel, etc. Many of the debris can be recycled and reused after sorting or smashing, for example, waste iron and steel, all kinds of scrap steel wire accessories, and other metal can be manufactured into all kinds of metal materials after sorting, centralizing and melting down. Brick, stone, concrete waste, after crushing can be used as sand. So the recycling of construction debris not only has huge environmental benefits, but also produces the huge economic benefits. Now facing more and more outstanding city construction debris problem, many successful practices in developed countries can provide us with full the reference. As the government pays more attention to the environment problem, construction debris disposal soon will have more powerful national policy support and broad market outlook.

Construction debris disposal is becoming a new hot spot. In order to serve for the Construction debris disposal better, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. Designed and produced   for construction debris disposal based on the many years’ crushing and sand making experience. The sorted construction debris is crushed after removing the iron, and finally After sorting of construction waste iron removal equipment after a specific in addition to contain the iron material, the crushing, broken, even in the crushing processing equipment, finely processed into certain the regeneration of the sand aggregate size, and finally used in subgrade stone, cement admixture, and other aspects.

Shanghai Shunky has 3 kinds of equipments for construction debris disposal: fixed crushing plant, portable crushing plant and crawler crushing plant.

The fixed crushing plant produced by Shunky consists of jaw crusher, impact crusher (cone crusher), sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. According to the stone crushing line, the fixed crushing plant can crush the waste concrete, brick, and stone. We can provide the most suitable design to achieve the recycling and reusing.  

The portable crushing plant is designed reasonably so that it combined crushing and screening into a system. Through the mobile system, it can work flexibly under different places. It can crush the material and greatly reduce the transportation of materials processing cost. The different combinations of equipments can satisfy the needs of different customers.

The crawler crusher plant of Shunky can work under any time and any place, thus reducing the material processing operation. The crawler crusher plant has a big crushing ratio, high productivity and the finished products can meet the customers’ different demands.

Shanghai Shunky Mobile crushing plant is successfully used in the construction debris’ disposal and received a unanimous favorable comment of customer. Now Shanghai Shunky is dedicated to break the traditional technology to put mobile crushing plant into other industries.