The Application of Sand Making Machine in Iron Ore Crushing Plant

Iron ore crushing plant is familiar with the stone crushing plant, it mainly consists of jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, etc. Because of the required size of steel works is under 6mm, the material processed by cone crusher can not meet the steel works' demand, we should crush it further.

For the sake of easy wear parts of crusher, many customers would favor the short head cone crusher. However, the production made by short head cone crusher is about 13mm or under it, which can not satisfy customers' need. If the material is too small, cone crusher can not produce the qualified production. The reason is that cone crusher's working principle-movable cone approaches and leaves the fixed cone at an uniform frequency, so the material can not be crushed very well. While VSI sand making machine crushes the material by means of stone on stone and stone on iron( crushing wall), so the size and shape are better than the production of cone crusher. VSI sand making machine has approved its ability of making artificial sand, yet, it hasn't been applied widely in crushing iron ore.

Practice proves that VSI sand making machine also works very well for crushing iron ore. For saving cost, we can change the material quality of easy wear parts service life can expand to three months. VSI sand making machine applied in the iron ore cushing industry could make high benefits for customers.