How to Cope with the Weakness of Domestic Machinery Industry

As we all know, China's machinery industry reached a top booming last year which is relative closely to the large-scale infrastructure and financial support of 4 trillion. However in this year, the machinery industry generally has a lower market demand and profits obviously. This is mainly due to the tightening macro-policy and the rising raw material prices. So, how to cope with the weakness of domestic machinery industry?

On the one hand, we should recognize the favorable situation. For example, although in the first half of this year, investment to the railway industry has a significant slowdown, the next half year, the tender is expected to be restarted after the meeting of Ministry of Railways. So the railway equipment industry will maintain steady growth. Therefore, the investment to the railway industry in “Twelfth Five-Year" period will not be reduced. Moreover, construction of urban railway is transiting into a phase of rapid development. It is undoubtedly that the machinery industry is extremely beneficial, so we should see a keen insight and be well prepared for the opportunity.

On the other hand, the machinery industry should take proactive measures to reverse the situation. As we all know, compared with foreign advanced producers, China's machinery manufacture has a large gap with them both in R & D level, and the brand is not particularly competitive. Therefore, the domestic counterparts up and down should make enough effort at this point. We should do painstaking research, especially in the R & D to improve performance and superior of our equipment, so as the good branding. Just imagine, if our technology is leading and our brand is remarkable, not only the domestic but also the foreign customers will give favor to our equipment.

As part of Chinese machine manufacturing industry, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is well aware of the importance of research and development, and has spent a lot on it. Currently, Shunky has successfully designed and manufactured the third generation-Jaw Crusher, and many of its products are in constant improving. Shunky convinced that if we do well in the R & D, our machinery industry will be more booming in the future!