Sand Making Machine Meets a New Demand-Foreign Cement Market

According to the information that Chinese enterprise will invest 500 million $ to open up some cement factories in Eastern province and Northwestern province of Zambia, this information comes from business department Chinese embassy in Zambia. Besides, Ecuador gov. wants to build three cement factories, they are 500,000 tons, 700,000tons and 1,000,000tons, however, cash-strapped, the gov. wants to attract Chinese investment. Thus it can be seen, Chinese enterprise has been exploiting foreign market, and the Sand Making Machine of mining machinery industry’s demand will increase greatly.

Shanghai Shunky is the leading manufacturer of Sand Making Machine industry, and Sand Making Machine is improved basing on latest research result of authoritative experts from Germany, and connecting with Chinese present working conditions. Sand Making Machine crushes sand in deep cavity, output is increased by 30%; hammer is designed in combined style, convenient to replace; Sand Making Machine’s bearing is in good quality and long service life; the sand processed by it has good uniform shape and size, so it can be used as shaping machine. Now, Sand Making Machine is especially suitable for making qualified stone and sand for highway, high-speed railway, high building, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station. It is the top preferring equipment in artificial sand making and stone reshaping industry.

The foreign cement market is promising, Shunky’s Sand Making Machine will be the main force to exploit this market, and we insist high level service to cooperate with you!