Sand Making Machine Strides into the New Era

With the building industry’s boom, building sand’s requirement is increasing continuously. For sake of protecting environment, we are not allowed to exploit natural sand, so the artificial sand is loved. And the artificial sand making machine-VSI Sand Making Machine is in fashion.

Sand Making Machine is invented in 1960s in China, after several generations have been upgraded, and the latest is VSI Sand Making Machine. Compared with traditional sand making machines, VSI Sand Making Machine features:

1.      Entire center feeding accompanies annular waterfalls fall feeding, so the principle of rock on rock and rock on iron is used. Traditional Sand Making Machine only use entire center feeding.

2.      Thin oil lubrication and automatic maintenance-Germany origin thin oil lubricating station, to make sure the supply of the oil with double oil pump, stop working without oil or hydraulic pressure.

3.      One machine for multi-purpose, flexible application-there are wide ranges of crushing chambers and unique crushing structure can make stone hits stone and stone hits iron simultaneously. If we have different purposesjust adjust few parts, we could use it for artificial sand, sand reshaping etc.

Sand Making Machine made by Shunky is the outstanding one in the same machines, and it has a generous appearance, do not hesitate to consult us or login