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How Can Sand Making Machine Keep Fit?

Construction can not stop its step, the building material-sand is increasingly demanded, while natural sand isn’t enough, the artificial sand becomes the focus. Sand Making Machine is the indispensable part in sand making plant, for lengthening the service life, saving cost, benefiting more, it’s useful to know some maintainance information. Shunky summarize some tips on Sand Making Machine.

1.         Sand Making Machine should be tested regularly through opening the access door and checking the crush wall, scale board, spare parts etc. Then we can change the parts broken. It is forbidden to open it when the machine is working, lest danger. And you can not replace the impeller without allowance of supplier.

2.         Sand Making Machine’s triangle belt should be adjusted properly, for ensuring equal force. The belts for double motor should be in the same specification.

3.         Sand Making Machine adopts superfine lubricating grease-3# lithium-based grease, operator injects lubricating grease every 400 working hours, cleans the spindle every 2000 working hours, exchanges new bearing every 7200 working hours.

4.         As the Sand Making Machine is working, operator should be careful and should not be absent-minded. When it needs repair, the machine should be powered off firstly, and do not disassemble any core parts.

Sand Making Machine is one important member of crushers, and a meritorious machine in the reform and open process, helps our country’s infrastructure development. In the future, Sand Making Machine will present its shining usage in construction industry.