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How to maintain sand making machine?

Do rugular maintenance to sand making machine, it is not only can improve the working efficiency, reduce downtime, but also can prolong the service life.

First, open the observation door to check the inside of sand making machine regularly, if there is anything wrong with spare parts.

Second, we should adjust the v-belt'force of sand making machine, in order to ensure the force is equal. When there are two motors drive the machine, both sides should be adjusted consistent.

Third, sand making machine should be checked after operating 24 hours, open and clean the bearing after 2000 hours, change a new bearing after 7200 hours.

Fourth, when the sand making machine is working, impeller is in high speed, workers should pay more attention to safety in production. Unprofessional people please don't remove the key parts of the machine.

No matter how advanced the sand making machine is, the wrong operation will also lead to problems. So, shanghai shunky machinery co., ltd remind you of the maintenance work of sand making machine.