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Figure Out the Vibrating Screen Constituent Parts and Function

Vibrating Screen as its name is the screening device through vibrating. There are Linear Vibrating Screen and Circular Vibrating Screen, but the main parts are same, they are screen box, vibrator, spring device, support device, power device.

Vibrating Screen’s box is made up of side plate and crossgirder. Crossgirder can be connected to side plate by bolt. And pint-size Vibrating Screen often uses welding way. The wall of Vibrating Screen must use entire one steel plate.

Vibrating Screen’s vibrator applies eccentric shaft, as motor drives the eccentric shaft and makes the screen body vibrate. Vibrator is the soul and motor is the food.

Vibrating Screen’s screen is the key part. There is no screen, there will be no uniform size of sand. As with screen structure, there are knitting screen, punching screen, welding screen etc. As with screen material, there are low-carbon steel, stainless steel, nylon and so on. When choosing Vibrating Screenyou should take the material’s hardness, size, demanded capacity into consideration, then decide which kind of screen is fit.

Vibrating Screen’s spring is used for absorbing shock and protecting the frame and foundation of it. Damper spring can be used for preventing transverse shock.

Vibrating screen is one indispensable part of industrial production and the requirement is ringing sharply, and it is going forward to big capacity and super fine screen. With our design and develop staff’s endeavor, the better Vibrating Screen will emerge.