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Making dry mortar with Sand Making Machine

When making dry mortar with Sand Making Machine, the first we should know the formula of dry mortar. The dry mortar often choose ordinary Portland cement, slag cement, fly ash cement and compound Portland cement. Some special construction, we can choose Cement instead of it.

The sand made by Sand Making Machine is the general material of dry mortar. Because the dry mortar is thin, so it has a high requirement about the sand size. The middle size is appropriate. Shanghai Shunky is professional to produce the VSI Sand Making Machine, the products has good size which can meet the requirement of dry mortar. The technology requirement to make dry mortar is the same with the Concrete, the difference is the proportion of sand. To low the cost, we can choose the raw material in local. We can use the VSI Sand Making Machine to produce excellent artificial sand to meet the dry mortar.

The market of VSI Sand Making Machine is broad for the high need of dry mortar. Shanghai Shunky is professional in produce the VSI Sand Making Machine, high quality, good service. Welcome to consult. Be ready to serve you!