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How to Design the Installation of the Foundation under Cone Crusher

Unlike the general goods, Cone Crusher must have an installation according to the reality before putting it into use. So, how to design the installation of the foundation under Cone Crusher?

First, we should make decision based on the actual situation. To know the terrain gap is very important. Because the Cone Crusher is usually be used as the secondary crusher, so it must have a height when feeding it. Generally speaking, the Cone Crusher has two kinds of foundations. One kind is concrete foundation, and the other kind is steel frame. Due to the difference of the material, the price is also different.

However sometimes, it is not necessary for us to make a foundation of Cone Crusher when it just has a proper terrain gap. Or we can dig a hole where we feed the Cone Crusher by a belt conveyor, under this circumstance; the foundation can also be omitted.

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