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Shunky Makes Sand Making Machine Professionally

Sand making machine is a kind of equipment which produces artificial sand professionally. Since 1990s, the HPC is the development tendency of concrete. While, the aggregate is the main structure of concrete, the usage of cement, the less, the better. Therefore, the requirements of aggregate are higher, such as granule, grading, shape, the content of needle flake, etc. However, the exploration of natural sand is limited, so the artificial sand comes into being. Shanghai Shunky is a professional manufacture of many kinds of crushing and screening equipment. The vertical shaft impact crusher is also named sand making machine, which is the featured product. Its technical level is advanced in China.

Shunky sand making machine can be used in two ways, not only making sand but also reshaping stone. According to the distributing disk is installed or not, it can make the machine changed between making and reshaping aggregate. The feeding way is also transformed, central feeding with circular cascade, while the traditional is central feeding. The wearing parts material of Shunky sand making machine is made of special high abrasion resistant materials, making the machines more durable.

In the aspect of sand making machine manufacture, shunky goes straight in the forefront of the industry.