Shunkys Sand Making Machine Improve Quality of Road Fabric

As a country with large population, china has a large demand for the transportation, consequently resulted the increasing investment in the construction of highway. Aimed at this market, Shunky produced a series of professional equipment including sand making machine, which has aroused much attention at home and abroad since they are took into effect.

As we all know, high qualified highway fabric has a high inquiry about the size and the grading. In order to meet this demand, Shunky sand making machine adopts the working principle of “rock on rock” and “rock on steel”, making the aggregates has a good cubic. On the other hand, the hydraulic system is also a star on sand making machine of Shunky. This system makes it easier to open the cover of sand making machine. Rear lubrication system can avoid the lacking of cooling of the old PCL sand making machine. In addition, the double oil pump can guarantee insurance when the oil is run up, and when the temperature of oil is blow 15 degree, the heater of sand making machine will work and while the temperature is beyond 70 degree, the cooling system will come into effect. Besides, the improving of features of sand making machine is also contribute a lot to the optimizing of its advantage.

Shunky believe the highway can still be an important part in the construction in the future, so Shunky will continue to optimize the features of its sand making machine and broaden its market.