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VSI of Shanghai Shunky is low input and high income

The development of infrastructure improves the requirements on sand, and results in the boom of sand making machine market. Now there are more and more manufacturers in domestic, but the quality of sand making machine is not the same. A wrong choice will bring large lose to customers.

VSI sand making machine of Shanghai Shunky is a new-type high efficiency sand making machine. It combines the advanced international technology with the actual situation in domestic, so it is a perfect sand making machine which is suitable for both domestic and international. The new-type sand making machine can not only make sand but also re-shaping, and the final product can meet the high requirements of customers entirely. This function decreases the cost and increases the income of investment. Besides, the VSI sand making machine has a high automation. The particular hydraulic device and automatic detection decrease the labor cost.

Shanghai Shunky always focuses on the manufacturing and research on sand making machine. The new-type VSI sand making machine reflects the powerful manufacturing ability and research ability. It will be your first choice when you buy a sand making machine.