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How to Install Sand Making Machine Correctly

Sand making machine market developed rapidly as the prosperous of infrastructure domestic. But many customers do not know much about sand making machine. The following are some matters needing attention when install the sand making machine:

First of all, the dirt must be swept away before install the sand making machine. Then, we need to check that if the components are accordance with the description on the packing list. It also need to be checked that if the components are complete and intact in transportation. Besides, we need to check if the installations are match with the sand making machine. If there is any error, we must adjust it in time. In addition, after lift the sand making machine on the groundwork, we need to adjust the allocation of feed hopper and discharge hopper till they meet the requirements of customers. Then we can grout the second time after the adjustment.

The installation of sand making machine is very strict and professional, so it must be installed by the technicians. Shanghai Shunky will send technicians to the installation spot to help the customers.