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Shunkys Sand Making Machine Is Fighter in Sand Equipment

Sand making machine by the Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. production, with the unique structure compared to other Sand, performance, efficiency, wide range of processed raw materials, environmental protection and energy saving, the whole is called VSI vertical shaft impact crusher, referred to as system sand making machine. Here Sand's brief description of these characteristics.

Sand making machine has unique structure, high chrome hammer, unique design and board liner back rock crushing, crushing the material particle size can be adjusted to simplify the crushing process. Compared with same size the traditional process sand equipment, sand making machine’s production increased by 30% -50%.

Sand making machine with a particle size small, uniform grain type, production capacity, etc., VSI sand making machine breaks through the restrictions that the traditional system sand equipment only with the soft rock (less than 150MPa ) raw materials .

Sand making machine is a new generation of environmentally friendly energy-efficient than the same size conventional process equipment saving 50-70% sand. Sand making machine finished product was cubic-like sand, compression capability, need for high standards of construction, a finished size ≤ 5mm 85% or more.

Sand making machine by the Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. production, has the performance characteristics that a traditional sand equipment can not match, welcomed by customers, we all said shunky sand making machine is fighter in sand equipment