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Shunky will teach you how to prolong the working time of sand making machine

With the development of time speed, engineering with sand amount are increasing. This leads the natural mining operations of sand aggregate supply to meet the demand of the market. Therefore, the artificial industry rises quickly and drives the engineering of heavy equipment technology and process flow processing of research and improvement. So the sand making machine is the important part of the whole system in production. So the stability and durability of the component is critical. Shunky thinks that the stability of the sand making machine is related to the efficiency of belt conveyor vibrating feeder and sand washing machine. So reasonable and effectively use of sand making machine is very important


1 In order to avoid dangerous, check if the driving vortex move cavity is closed before launch.

2 Check the sand making machine should be counterclockwise rotation impeller.

3 The sand making machine should be started in no materials, and to feed it after it works normal

4 The sand making machine should be timely stop feeding when the discharging equipment stop action ort can killed impeller and burned the motor.

5 The sand making machine feeding should be continuously even.

6 The sand making machine equipment operation process may not have severe vibration and abnormal noise or should stop for inspection

7 The sand making machine should add grease after each class working.

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