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The reasons why sand making machine could stand on the top of others

VSI series sand making machine is the newly designed between us and Germany specialists through out the circumstances of China. The sand making machine is designed for high way, railway, provide quality sand aggregate concrete mixing station, and the good one on man-made sand field. In addition the sand making machine has other advantages.

Commonly used five kinds of broken in sand making machine and the mechanical system with extrusion action primarily crusher, cone crusher, such as jaw crusher broken, etc, have the following characteristics:

A. big crushing ratio. Sand making machine broken can be up to 50 more than the word, and jaw crusher, cone crusher hard to more than 20. So. In need of the single broken situations, such as cement industry of limestone and broken, the sand making machine use are common.

B. products particles. Under the impact of, being broken along the most fragile material often level, this selective broken broken, the particles of a cube of high probability, the form of the sand making machine products needle flake percentage content below 10%, jaw crusher and cone crusher of products such as broken needle flake percentage content will be higher than 15%. And so, in need of the particles occasions,; cube For example, prevent slippery pavement of high grade highway, usually by the sand to end as the machine equipment, production concrete aggregate.

Sand majing machines made by Shanghai Shunky machinery product Co, Ltd have proved ourself. Good serice and quality is our eidos.