The Long-Long Way of Urbanization with Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine takes an indispensable position in the long long way of urbanization. It is reported by the Chinese Academy of Social and Science that the rate of urbanization is 47%, even though the quantity is the biggest in the world. We have a long distance from the standard of developed country. What’s more, Chinese urbanization is incomplete, the agricultural population makes the rate rise 10%, what a big number! The large city exceedingly extends, and the small city lacks of development, the villages exists in city and bad environment can not satisfy people’s life···
All of these disharmonious scenes present we have a long way to construct. For the transformation of villages in city, subsidized house project built all the country and leveling up the human settlement, we need a large number of building sand. So the sand making machine’s requirement must be raised.
Shanghai Shunky sand making machine has a high performance, leads the good structure in this industry, takes many humanized elements into design, reduces the labor cost and increases the work efficiency. And the powder rate of sand made by Shunky’s sand making machine. We are increasing the inputs of research and design, sand making machine will work better, and adapt the big output, high efficiency and environment protection requirement. The long way of urbanization can not keep on moving without sand making machine.