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The Tips That Extend the Service Life of Sand Making Machine

Nowadays, the increase of construction sand’s amount and the control of natural sand mining promote the development of sand making industry. Sand making machine is the core equipment in a sand making plant. So the stability of sand making machine decides the capacity and efficiency of the sand making plant. We need to notes the following aspects in order to extend the service life of sand making machine:
1.      The correct boot sequence: discharge equipments, sand making machine, feeding machines. Sand making machine must start when it is empty, and it can be feed material only when the machine operates normally. The sequence of halt opposites with the boot sequence.
2.      The feeding size of sand making machine must accord with the rule. The oversize material will lead to the excessive wear of impeller. Even, the sand making machine cannot work normally.
3.      A continuous and uniform feeding can ensure the sand making machine operates well.
4.      In a sand making plant, if the sand making machine and the downstream equipments stop working, we need to stop feeding material to sand making machine. Or the impeller and the motor will be damaged.
5.      If there are severe vibration and abnormal noise in the working process of sand making machine, we’d better halt and examine it in time, which avoid the damage to sand making machine.
There are other questions that needed note, such as the lubrication and the raw material of the impeller. These details can help us extend the service life and improve the efficiency of sand making machine.