National Policy Will Lead a Good Development of Sand Industry in Xinjiang

This year is the beginning year of “1025 planning” as well as the year of people’s live hood. Due to the specificity of the Xinjiang’s geographical environment and human environment, the stability and development of Xinjiang is of great importance. The national policy pays more attention to its development. The expected further 5 years, the country will increase the investment in Xinjiang to improve the infrastructure construction. This will become the key to realize the great-leap-forward development in Xinjiang and will also become the focus of the capital market.

As a leading and professional manufacture of crushers and grinding mill equipments, Shanghai Shunky’s jaw crushers, sand making machine and crushing plant have been put into the infrastructure construction, such as railway, highway, airport and so on. The new 1025 planning, most of the national investment will be put into the infrastructure construction, into improving the living environment and transportation of people’s life. Not only Xinjiang will benefit from the national policy because it will do good for Xinjiang’s development, but also the manufacture of crushers and grinding mills. The new policy will give a good chance for the development of crushing manufacture.