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Recall Pan Gu Separates the Heaven from Earth; Witness Today Shunky Beatifies the World

The Chinese legend of Pan Gu creating the world is talked from long long ago to now. Today, Shanghai Shunky makes the world go to perfect. Before the world is created, it is a chaotic prehistoric condition. Pang Gu has slept for 18000 years long since he waked, after seeing the chaos, he use the legendary axe cut heavily, then the heaven rises and separated from earth. Pang Gu stands firmly and lifts up the heaven by hands. He is dead from exhaustion. Breath becomes to cloud, sound of snore becomes to thunder, the left eye becomes to sun, the right eye becomes to moon, body turns to be mountains and rivers, hairs transfer into stars, teeth and bones become to mine and metal, skin and fine hair become plants, sweet becomes to dewdrop, and the soul becomes into human.

This is the legend of Pan Gu creates the world in China. If you’d like to comment it by the viewpoint of science, it will be so vapid. Shanghai Shunky recalls the story of it and strives for making good sand making machine, which can process the high quality artificial sand. The landform are various, the natural resource is rich. Shunky’s sand making machine is closely related to our life’s all sides.

Sand making machine can crush the hill stone and cobble into all kinds of sand. Transportation construction needs the sand for running with no obstacles. Building needs aggregates for preventing the people from storm and rain. Municipal works need sand for constructing the places so as to enjoy the life. Shunky’s sand making machine frequently works in mountain, along river and beside the construction site. And sand making plant, mobile crushing station work for recycling the building waste.

Pang Gu creates the world with his axe, Shunky reshape it by the sand making machine. As the minimum case of producing a brick, and the big case of thousand miles of high-speed rail, south water to north and the Three Gorges Dam construction, sand making machine is a good partner for supplying the sand. Shanghai Shunky sand making machine is the first choice for you.