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The Way of Get Rich Quick by Recycling the Building Waste

The product of building material mainly depends on soil resource and mineral resource. Global construction industry booms, which highly drives the building material’s requirement. Especially the laggard districts excavate the soil of the surface earth seriously, it is harmful to our limited farmland. For protecting the finite farmland resource and recycling the building waste to transfer it into material of new generation brick, Shanghai Shunky’s sand making machine is the top choice.

No matter the urban or the rural, the progress of rebuilding the old house is very big. It is common saw that building ruin can not be dealt well. Sand making machine is able to make these waste into raw material of baking-free brick and baked brick. So the sand making machine is the key of mutual benefits.

The wall and cement board crushed by breaking hammer is the first step. If the size of waste is too big, for sand making machine, jaw crusher will be used. Then impact crusher or cone crusher will be the secondary crusher. Please pay attention to the rebar and steel, they can hurt the crushers. At last the waste should be crushed by sand making machine. This is the whole line of reusing the building waste to brick, which is highly promoted and encouraged by the nation. A new way of get rich quick with the application of sand making machine is becoming a trend.