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The important role the sand machine plays in concrete ingredient

Sand plays one of the most important role in concrete ingredient, for about one third of the total. With the rapid development of the construction industry, construction project on the requirements of the increasing amount of sand, but as a kind of local resources sand, inside short time could not renewable, in our country many areas appear natural sand resources reduced gradually, and even without the natural sand, concrete with sand, particularly prominent contradiction between supply and demand and the price of the sand is more and more high, affected the project. Shanghai Shunky machinery Co., Ltd designed a new kind of sand making machine according to the now mining conditionsVSI series sand making machine.

At present more research materials instead of sand is artificial sand, also called the correct use of sand  mechanism of the machine production of concrete artificial sand compaction degree big anti-permeability of slurry performance is good, other physical and mechanical performance and long-term durability all can reach the design requirements of operation. Artificial sand made by Shunky’s sand making machine is particularly suitable for preparation high strength concrete level of the high performance concrete and pumping concrete.

Shanghai Shunky designed the latest development of success with the international advanced level in the new generation of sand making machine. Outstanding cost-effective, reliability in similar products in the field, Long-term technical accumulation, modern processing equipment manufacture meticulously guarantee VSI series sand making machine stands in the industry machine's lead. VSI series sand making machine is designed by Germany authoritative experts, combined with working condition of the latest design results, is the present domestic exclusive production with the world's advanced level of high performance of sand blasting equipment.VSI series sand making machine is special for highway, high speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction, provides the high quality sand aggregate concrete mixing station, is the artificial system sand and stone plastic field device of choice.Contact Shunky: or call us at 86021-56745002.