Two Leading Characteristics of Sand Machine Make Shunky Succeed

According to the survey, the demand for artificial sand in China is a rising trend , so the supply of artificial sand is abnormal hot. Shunky's sand making machine is made for specialized artificial sand market as a professional equipment, which experienced years of improving and optimizing. Now Shunky's sand making machine sells like hot cakes at home and abroad, relying on high quality and reasonable price to win the customer the consistent high praise.

Among all the advantages of shunky's sand making machine, except the high output, vulnerability of wear-resisting, energy conservation and environmental protection , there are mainly two unique advantages which make the sand making machine be a bright star shine brightly. The one advantage is the hydraulic equipment to open the cover of sand making machine. Often the industry insiders know that if you want to open the cover of sand making machine by completely manual labour, 1-2 days need to be spent , while with the hydraulic technology, only a single worker using 10-20 minutes can do the job very well, which can saves time and effort very well, greatly improving the automation level of sand making machine.The other one is the rear oil lubrication system of sand making machine which can make the temperature of oil in sand making machine range from in 15-60 degrees , thus avoiding the too high or too low temperature of oil which can make the sand making machine work abnormally . Double pump design ensures the complementary supply system is fully reliable for the sand making machine has enough injection power, more stable performance.

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