The Chapter of Xinjiang in the Book-National Mineral Resources Exploration

Shanghai Shunky has been committed to the development and production of the crusher and the scope of services has been throughout all corners of the world. Shanghai Shunky today is willing to answer your questions in the national development of mineral resources of Xinjiang in an important position. First, of the West Development Xinjiang is a major priorityits location and natural resources determine their current level of economic status.

The species, reserves, development prospects of the whole Xinjiang mineral are very abundant. So far there are more than 140 kinds of minerals found, of which 40 minerals rank the top ten… There are rich oil, coal, iron, copper, and other rich mineral resources, and coal reserves account for 40% of China ... Major mineral deposits in the region are gradually contracted by major domestic and foreign enterprises; the market prospect is extremely broad.

Development of mineral resources as a service to the mining equipment business has seen the future. Shanghai Shunky from beginning to the end always has been paying attention to the demand for the crusher in Xinjiang market. Crusher of Shanghai Shunky is very popular in Xinjiang market and has got a lot of customers and prizes. All of this is related with high-performance machine and the quality and direction of the modern development. At the same time we will also increase the crusher's investment in environmental factors, spare no efforts to make the crusher to better promote the development of national mineral resources.