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Shunky Sand Making Machine Does Well in Cobble Crushing

No matter the south or the north of China, there are cobbles alongside the rivers. Now cobbles are often used for making sand, which is mainly applied to house building, road and bridge construction and water conservancy and hydroelectric power projects. Cobble is very strict in sand making machine for its high hardness, so the spare parts must be durable.

Sand making machine has these features:

1.      Producing sand ratio is 50%, higher than the average level, and less powder percentage.

2.      The sand size range is 2-5mm with good shape.

3.      Spare part service life is longer costing the same charge.

Some problems should be taken into account for sand making machine:

1.      The layout and design of the whole sand making plant must be reasonable, so as to make the sand making machine works well.

2.      The frame of sand making machine should be stably, in case of shakiness.

3.      Estimation in advance the output of is clearly known by yourself, then the choice of right crusher is easier.

Sand making machine of Shunky sells well all the world, no matter which generation machine, Shunky’s is always the leader in the crusher industry. We will keep on supplying machines for artificial sand making career.