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Shunky helps you to choose the right crusher

Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co.,LTD is a joint-stock enterprise that produces large and medium-sized crusher and mills forming R&D production and sales into an integral system. Top-class products and services are promises of the company towards to customers and are what the company seeks after eternally. Now Shunky will teaches you the two ways to compare to these two kinds of crushers. In case that you could but a product that suit you. Cone crusher and jaw crusher are mostly used in mining machinery. Now the advantages and disadvantages of the following reference for selection.

Cone crusher

Main advantages: Product efficiency, lower power consumption, work is relatively stable, small vibration big crushing ratio, more homogeneous product size,  can give the ore by either two sides, and can be packed with to mine.

Main disadvantages: Complex structure, high cost, need higher plant, inconvenience machine, unfavorable handling heavy broken viscous ore, operation and maintenance is more complex.

Jaw crusher

Main advantages: Simple structure, low cost, manufacturing maintenance convenient, reliable work, highly small, easy configuration machine for water, high viscosity big ore not easy jam.

Main disadvantages: Low productivity, low power consumption, bigger, broken than small vibration, particle size uniform, not enough products for ore with.

In the choice of crushing equipment, according to different situation to carry on the comprehensive analysis of large multi-purpose crushing plant general cone crusher small concentrator, especially in handling materials, appropriate chooses jaw crusher is more strict crusher selection, usually the first choice of crusher is to pass through calculation and technical and economic comparison.