Crusher Industry Makes Self-Transcendence Come True

Crushers are indispensable equipments national construction, crusher industry of our country introduced from foreign countries in 1950's to achieve self-reliance, and we have been explored the development of ourselves for a long time. But along with the independent innovation ability the enhancement and the progress of science and technology, crusher industry also have seen significant development, realize the self transcendence.

Over the years, engineering machinery, mining machinery are developing rapidly, in this field, crusher become one of the fastest growing heavy mechanical equipment. The documents published by the national development and reform commission said that by the year of 2015 the economy of central region should further improve the proportion of the whole country, per capita in GDP strive to become the national average level, urbanization rate increased to 48% , and also have to speed up the construction pace. The develop of quartz sand mineral processing equipment, have greatly satisfied the demand for direct application, crusher as its main production and processing equipment, its demand will also increase. In addition, we can find that from the current economic development of our country, in the process of urbanization and industrialization, high pressure grinding milling and some milling equipment, investment is constantly increasing in highway, railway, water conservancy and other major infrastructure, it will also increases the demand for crusher industry, and further promote the rise the sales volume of crusher equipment.

The self-improvement and self improvement of crusher industry, powerful illustrated that although our industrial bases are not very sound and reasonable, but as long as we insist on the way of self-improvement, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation and technology progress, we can realize the self-transcendence of national industrial.