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Shanghai Shunky Sand Making Machine's Excellent Sand Making Process

The latest series vertical shaft impact crusher of Shanghai Shunky, also called sand making machine, is the most advanced low-consumption and large handling-capacity machine which is designed by Shunky experts and Germany experts after taking the specific working conditions of China into consideration. Shanghai Shunky sand making machine can offer the qualified sand for the building construction.

Sand aggregate is one important factor to text if the equipment can meet the needs of building construction. The building construction need sand aggregate to have less needles flake; besides, the fineness modulus, powder content, moisture content must reach the requirement of concrete sand system.

When the sand making machine is working,the raw material is pouring into the chamber, the rotor will make the material to collide with other material to realize the break up of material. The rotor, hydraulic system and high quality bearing make the sand making machine serve longer, have high crushing ration and low consumption. The sand making machine of Shunky totally change the traditional sand making machine. The new one can save investment and reduce the cost, what is more, it provide qualified sand aggregate and become the best choice of building construction.