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Sand Making Machine's Safety Responsibility Is Extremely Heavy

Due to special production environment and production requirements of mining industry, security has become kind of unsolved significant problems of this industry. One way is to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, to make the premise and guarantee for safe production. Sand making machine is an important part of sand making plant, due to its important position in the whole mechanism sand production, so it’s solid and durable of component is a very important factor, the production safety of sand making machine is the key link of sand making plant.


Industry insiders agree that the impeller device is the important component for material injection machine equipment decisive of sand making machine, the stability of its work depends on the related conveyor, feeder, washing machine and so on a series of sand making machine work efficiency. First of all, don't literally change pulley, in case of high speed to produce explosion crushing chamber, or the speed is too low influence system sand making machine work efficiency. Secondly, the sand making machine before starting, rotating rotor with the hand first, check the tooth and claw, hammer of rotor operation is flexible and reliable, shell and there is any conflict phenomenon. Finally, the sand making machine and power units should be installed firmly. If the sand making machine fixed long-term assignments, should fixed in cement basis; if the sand making machine is flow homework, the unit should be installed in the seat with Angle iron is made, and to ensure the power machine (diesel engine or motor) and the sand making machine sheave turning on the same plane.

Safety production responsibility is extremely heaver than mount Tai, the good operation of sand making machine is just one aspect. To practical production safety in the first will be an important position; it still needs each of the equipment with safe operation of each enterprise of mining industry.