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Here Are Some Dos and Donts for Sand Making Machine

Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. is one famous and professional manufacturer for crush and screen equipments, it not only supplies high cost performance products, but provides first class service and design plan. Technician of Shunky is going to tell you some matters should be paid attention for sand making machine.

Sand making machine takes charge of fine crush in the crushing course, so some transporting devices should be added with it. The starting order is: discharge materialsand making machinefeed material, and sand making machine must start without load, after operating regularly we can feed the stones. While the turning off order is reverse. The material size should be strictly limited, and can not beyond the max. feeding size, otherwise it will seriously wear the impeller, even blocks the crushing chamber.

Stop feeding material as long as the discharge device stops.

If there is strenuous vibration and odd noise during sand making machine’s operation course, we should check it prudentially.

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