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Multi-functional and High-efficient Crusher - Shunky New VSI Sand Making Machine

In recent years, China has been witnessing a prosper of the industries of mineral crushing, expressway, railway, building, municipal works, and hydropower dam constructions, etc. and a corresponding increasing demand of sand and stone material due to the fast economic development nationwide. However, the economic development in some districts is badly restrained because of the outdated mineral crushing technology, the shrinkage and extinction of natural sand and stone resource, and the shortage and shoddiness of machined-made sand and stone material.

The new VSI sand making machine of Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. provides an effective solution of the above problem. Shunky new VSI sand making machine is a product of newest international technology, and complies with the unique working condition in China on a basis of verification of its application in the relevant production. The sand and stone material discharged from the Shunky new VSI sand making machine takes a cubic form with a merit of excellent shape, high fineness, and reasonable grading which is 30% better than the traditional crushers, and is widely used as high-grade concrete aggregate. Therefore, Shunky new VSI sand making machine is a high- efficient crushing equipment with multi-functions of fine crushing, reshaping, and sanding making from large sand and stones, which contributes to a popularity with the end users, an approval from other crusher manufacturers, and a large export share with a high prestige in the international community.  

Shunky new VSI sand making machine is widely used on the market, and thus contributes a lot to an increasing supply of high-grade machine-made sand and stone and an effective refrain from environmental and ecological damage caused by improper mineral crushing, and non-appropriate collection of natural sand and stone in many districts. In addition, the crusher contains a unique self-recycle system of air, and produces little dust as a result. In one word, Shunky new VSI sand making machine is an outstanding necessary booster of the national economic and social development.