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Shunky explore: The Proper Use and Maintenance of Sand Making Machine

     As our country restrict the develop of natural sand, more and more people turn to producing artificial sand, the equipment which used to produce artificial sand- Sand Making Machine is the favor of mine owners. Sand Making Machine provides high quality sand aggregate and greatly support our country's various construction.

    So how to use Sand Making Machine betterly to extend it’s service life? Shunky machinery will explain for you in detail.

1, Before using Sand Making Machine, we should confirm the driving wheel is flexible,when it can work normally after the material begin feeding.

2, Before it stops operate, we should stop feeding and clean the material which in sand making machine ,then cut off the motor.

3, To pay more attention the main bearing’s temperature and keeps the bearing in good lubrication condition, if we find it can not working normally ,we should immediately stop to operate.

4, To keep Sand Making Machine ‘s feeding even, we should guarantee the crushing material meet requirements,

defend metal such as steel can't fall into the machine.

5, Worn components of Sand Making Machine should timely repair.

6, Make the insurance device of sand machine machine in a good state.

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