The Sand Making Machine of Shanghai Shunky is Incomparable

The sand making machine is also named the vertical shaft impact crusher, the lifespan of spare parts maybe shorter than other machine's. Correspondingly the cost will be higher gradually. However, the customers of Shanghai Shunky will feel that the spare parts' lifespan of Shunky sand making machine is longer than the other manufacture's.

The main reasons are as followsthe feeding way of Shunky sand making machine is central feeding with circular cascade feeding rock on rock. The material will smash into each other, which will reduce the abrasion of spare parts. Another reason: the innovation of sand making machine, the material of spare parts is modulated scientificly by our designers. The hardness and toughness are harder , and lifespan of spare parts is extended.  

Shanghai Shunky pay highly attention to the quality of products. The sand making machine is one of the featured products and sells well at home abroad.