The Maintenance of Sand Making Machine in Winter

The rapid development of economy benefits infrastructure development. Along with country’s restrictions on the exploitation of natural resources, artificial resources are put on the new schedule. Instead of natural sand, artificial sand gradually becomes the backbone infrastructurewhich leads the development of Sand Making Machine. The efficient operation of Sand Making Machine can not be ignored. So, to ensure the operation of Sand Making Machine, what we should do about lubrication maintenance in winter?

First, the tank volume of Sand Making Machine is a small, so the amount of lubricating oil. The oil temperature will be high when the Sand Making Machine works, which requires that the oil has better thermal stability. Besides, because of the dust, oil pollution is inevitable, so the lubrication oil of Sand Making Machine must be anti-rust lubricant, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation.

Secondly, the working environment of Sand Making Machine has high temperature difference in different seasons, which requires the lubrication oil of Sand Making Machine must not be affected apparently.

Of course, when using the Sand Making Machine, the lubrication oil must be anti combustion. Moreover, the lubrication oil must apply to the seals and robust, which avoids the damage of seals.

Sand Making Machine is the normal sand making equipment, which is widely used in sand making plant. The investment of Sand Making Machine is high, so, we must pay attention to the maintenance. Shanghai Shunky professionally produces Sand Making Machine, professional guidance about the installation, routine maintenance etc. Welcome to consult and purchase!