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5 Dos and donts of Selecting Sand Making Machine

Along with our mining industry’s quick development, sand making factory and mine need a lot of sand making machine year after year. Look at the market condition of machine suppliers, many of them just are just infancy and in small scale. So the quality of Chinese sand making machine becomes the most headache aspects, so to be a good vendee, you should know these announcements:

1.       As far as possible to visit the factory and sand making machine’s working condition, then you can identify the good enterprise with good turning lathe, technician and engineer.

2.       Try to inspect more sand making machine factories, shop around and get a good machine with lower price.

3.       You should select one sand making machine based on your mine output, and your purchasing power.

4.       Sand making machine’s after sale service is one important item.

5.       Rigorous inspection is needed on the contract before signing your name.

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