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Shunky Sand Making Machine Safeguards the Production in Winter

As the winter goes on, many sand making machines can not be started before long time heating due to the cold weather. Moreover, the frozen lubrication oil is inclined to be frozen after the machine stops and it takes a long time to melt oil before the reboot. These problems waste lots of time, reduce the productivity, and bother the manufacturers very much. Fortunately, Shunky sand making machine of advanced technology and unique design is applicable to perform in cold working condition and remove the manufacturers' headache as a result.   

Shunky sand making machine is equipped with an advanced heating oil tank on the basis of German technology which preheats the machine fast and efficiently and result in the starting in time of the machine. Besides, the unique complementary oil supply system consists of two pumps of which one pump works when another one is short of oil or pressure. Consequently, the sand making machine works stably with constant powder.

In addition, Shunky sand making machine adopts a thin oil lubrication devise originated in Germany that leads the oil to every part of the main bearing and other parts to be lubricated, and thus ensures the machine work at an invariable temperature. The thin oil lubrication system of the sand making machine avoids the breakdown caused by the frequent coagulation of lubrication ester in cold working condition and by the absence of melted lubrication ester deep in the parts to be lubricated in traditional lubrication way, which guarantees the normal operation of the machine.

Shunky sand making machine has been updating and improving based on different requirements of wide production applications, and will continue to safeguard the normal production for clients in cold working condition with better and better cold resistance.