The Prospect of 2012 Crusher Industry

The engineering manufacturing machinery, especially the mining machinery,plays an important role in the fast growing of economy. In the year 2011. From the development of crushers, we can see that nowadays, we still have a big distance with the advanced countries. If we want to make fast and long-lasting development in cruhser industry, we should do what comply the trends of times. The private companies should have its own features.

First, made-in-China should go outside. The domestic crushers can not restrict the development in china. We should not only sell our products to overseas market,but also try to introduce foreign technology and advanced material and craftsmanship. High tech should be used in our crushers.

Secondly, crushers made in China should try to follow the trend. Nowadays, influenced by the sustainable development ,environment friendly society, more and more companies focus on producing the environment friendly products to meet the customers needs.

Thirdly, making full use of the outside advantages, such as the policies, the fund support and so on. The crusher industry should combine the development with the country's development. We crusher companies should devote all into competition and to make progress in the competition.