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Shunkys Sand Making Machine Achieved Some Breakthrough on Technology

As it is known to all, the market demand of sand making machine is rising these years, and the competition in more and more intense. In order to keep its competitiveness, shunky has been working on the optimizing about sand making machine and currently has achieved the following breakthrough on the technology:

1. Shunky’s sand making machine adopted the hydraulic device to remove the clamshell, reducing the labor intensity and making it easier to maintain, and it can also improve the production efficiency of sand making machine.

2. Shunky’s sand making machine uses the thin oil lubrication system to ensure the temperature has a range of 25 .

3. New oil filter system guarantee system makes the bearing on sand making machine cannot be accidentally worn and thus makes the machine has stable service life.

4. Shunky’s sand making machine uses the advanced world level oil leakage device to change the oil seal from the trouble.

5. Shunky’s sand making machine initially adopts the heat treatment workmanship, highly improves the whole body's strength, guarantees it work stably, and levels up Sand Making Machine to a higher standard

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